THE TRUE MAYHEM The Dawn Of The Black Hearts CD

Жуткая атмосфера в сочетании с ужасным качеством записи – так можно охарактеризовать легендарный бутлег этой культовой группы, в который вошли записи с концертов, прошедших в городах Sarpsburg 1990, Lillehammer 1986 + демо «Pure Fucking Armageddon». Предвижу негодование всех Burzum-истов, ибо данный продукт выпущен как antigrishnackh 001! И еще… Dead покончил жизнь самоубийством, Euronymous убит… вместе с ними умерла идея, остался лишь имидж (то бишь клоунада) — стоит только посмотреть на современную в.м. сцену, чтобы убедиться в этом…


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    THE INCINERATION » Insanity» — atmospheric death metal from Russia, released on good quality pro-done cdr

    Also available previous releases and items from official distribution:
    TIRAN «From The Graves» m-CD-r — newest strike from russian thrash metal invaders! Ltd. 313 copies!NEW!
    SEPTORY “Seductive Art Profane” tape — new album from Russian death metal machine! NEW!
    TIRAN “Reborn Chaos” CD — fast and killer release from Russian thrash metal invaders! NEW!
    WARNAMENT “Where Home Is Found” — debut from Macedonian thrashers! NEW!
    BLOOD POLLUTION “Cheap & Loud” CD — third strike from dirty thrash’n’rollers. NEW!
    TALES OF DARKNORD “Stalingrad” CD — cult album from Russian progressive death masters!
    MORBID TENDENCY “Bleeding Demos” tape — 2 raw death metal demos from deeps of IsraHell!
    DEATH INSTINCTS “Madness 33” CD — mid tempo death metal from Russia.
    BLOOD POLLUTION “Armed You” CD — blackened thrash’n’roll
    V/A “From Russia With Hate” CDr — Russian underground metal bands compilation. 15 tracks, pro-covers.
    ROCK-PROSPECT fanzine #21/2008 — 20 bw A5 pages on Russian. Dead Center prod / Antichrist magazine (Ukr), КОМА (Rus), NAGUAL (Ukr), HEREAFTER (Mal), PATHOGEN, PATEK XIII, СМУТА (Rus), AGD prods (Rus), CD/demo/zines reviews.
    ROCK-PROSPECT #25/2011 — 88 bw A5 pages on Russian with glossy cover. Gods Tower (Blr), Graveyard (Spa), Tyranex (Swe), Inter Arbores (Rus), Menstrual Devider (Rus), Arcanum Sanctum (Rus), Lost God (Bel), Mournful Gust (Ukr), Nocturnal Depression (Fra), Thrashgrinder (Fin), Astarium (Rus), Relicts (Trk) + tons of reviews on underground stuff. NEW!

    c/o Gorbanev AD
    Lenina 22-26
    Velikie Luki

  2. This Friday, Nov. 25, Norwegian black metal monsters, 1349, will see the North American release of their «Demonoir» limited-edition box set exclusively at FYE, as part of the chain’s «Black Friday» promotion. In addition to the critically acclaimed «regular» album (13 tracks and 49 minutes, fittingly), the «Demonoir» box set contains seven bonus tracks (including an unreleased track), a 12-page booklet, poster, guitar pick, patch and autographed photo card. The box set is hand-numbered and limited to 1000 copies worldwide. The set was released in Europe on October 7th.

    1349 stormed American shores twice in 2010, first with Cannibal Corpse and later with Triptykon.

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